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Rachel Dalton comes from a restaurant marketing and management background in Richmond but now is a wife, mother, writer, exercise enthusiast, very amateur chef, traveler, super planner, dog rescuer and lover of all things local to her new hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia.19 Articles

Emily Hedrick is a freelance writer, youth services librarian specializing in tween programming at the Lynchburg Public Library, and self-proclaimed geek. She is a huge fan of Harry Potter and “Game of Thrones,” and she enjoys reading, gaming, and spending time with her husband, friends, and family.15 Articles

Suzanne Ramsey is a freelance writer who also works part time in the communications and marketing office at Lynchburg College. She enjoys historical research, running, tennis, traveling, and hanging out with her husband, John, and cats, Hector and Edna.15 Articles

Drew Menard is a passionate storyteller, currently content to call Central Virginia home, along with his wife and three active boys, as he works to complete his first novel. In his professional career, Drew has written articles and other pieces for a number of publications, websites and organizations and he’s an award-winning columnist. His creative journey has included editing screenplays, consulting on stories, helping construct speeches and even producing videos. Drew holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in strategic communication, which enabled him to publish a thesis on the emergent trend of transmedia storytelling.15 Articles

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